DSYNC Enters the Inventory Data Game Working With Unleashed

DSYNC partners with Unleashed

DSYNC is now working closely with unleashed customers to further expand data connectivity.

DSYNC are proud to announce the addition of Unleashed to the companies with which it can synchronize and connect data. The DSYNC team is excited to be working closely with Unleashed, a world class New Zealand inventory platform, to help customers connect product, customer and order data.

Traditional system integration companies offer a point to point data solution, DSYNC are proud to be disrupting the market with a platform that can connect multiple applications all at the same time.

“DSYNC have now successfully completed the Unleashed inventory feature and are pleased to announce the acceptance into the Unleashed partner program,” notes Martin Novak CIO DSYNC.

The two technology companies work closely with retailers, manufacturers and distributors to help improve business processes. During the formal training, the two companies immediately identified synergies between the organizations.  This relationship provides a great channel potential opportunity for each company, with both companies now able to work closely together during the integration process.

Unleashed, a world class inventory solution provider has the flexibility to handle light to complex inventory tasks.  Unleashed works closely with thousands of customers, with offices in New Zealand, Australia, United States the inventory company now has over 60 staff.

The new product and partnership is another key milestone in the DSYNC journey as the company looks to scale its operation.  Globally, major enterprises spend $500 billion each year integrating fragmented systems and together, DSYNC and Unleashed are in a prime position to leverage each other’s world-class technologies.

Companies that take advantage of real time, synchronized data across platforms have a competitive advantage over companies that use big data for post decision making.

DSYNC connects all types of applications together from Fintech, retail, CRM, CMS, email, loyalty, accounting and marketing to name a few. The platform operates a high-volume data processor that seamlessly integrates legacy and cloud based systems.

For more information on the companies DSYNC can connect.

Source: DSYNC and Unleashed Software


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